Request for Manpower

Request for Manpower

Professional Engineer Architectural Structures (Engineer, HS construction)

Pay rate : $150,000 1331 turning leaf in, Pendergrass, GA


HS construction

  • Position type : Engineer
  • Job number : 000001
  • Pay : $150,000 / year
  • Company Location : $1331 turning leaf in, Pendergrass, GA

Job description

Experienced Professional Engineer Architectural Structures.

Job duties to include :

  • Check the building safety rate.
  • More 10 years experiences in Construction Company.

Meet your recruiter

Hyosung Lee

He has been with KoMo Staffing since 2017. He has a background in Architecture and Economic, so He worked big project in U.S.A.

He always welcome your join for the working.

with his family.


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